Haydo celebrates 149 days smoke free

Did you follow the Quit With Haydo campaign? In late 2017, following an on-air challenge from his colleagues, Triple M radio show host Haydo gave up smoking for good.

His words of advice?

“Smoking’s one of those things that is a battle, but believe me, it gets easier.”

After making a series of attempts throughout his 25-year smoking history, this time Haydo enlisted some extra help, through Quitline and the My QuitBuddy app.

At the time of filming, Haydo had achieved some huge milestones.

He was 149 days smoke free, and $1,763 richer. And the best part? The publicity of the campaign encouraged others to quit too. Through opting to #quitwithhaydo, any member of the public sitting on the fence was encouraged to call Quitline 13 7848 and quit too.






149 days is an achievement. And it starts with making one decision.

Haydo says what worked for him was taking it day by day, week by week.

“Genuinely don’t look past the first week. Tackle that on its own, because that is a beast in itself. And if you happen to slip and light up for whatever reason, that’s fine. You’re human. Even Quitline will tell you that. Fall off the wagon, get back on.”

Speak to a Quitline counsellor today, or recommend this service to a friend.