Quitting after 50 years

Since first taking up the habit at just 15, Anne had tried quitting several times throughout her 50-year smoking history. But it wasn’t until she first called Quitline in 2017, that she found a strategy that worked for her. Anne has now been smoke free for over 12 months.

“Quitline was a regular support for me and the weekly calls were enough to make me reflect on how I was feeling and deal with things. Just having someone who cared and wanted to check up on you made all the difference. The website was also a great help too—the signs and the motivators really kept me going.

My health was my main drive to give up for good. My mum was a smoker as well and gave up just before she had her heart attack. The doctors said that it was related to her smoking, and I began to also have similar symptoms. I remember one time during a family trip to Tasmania we went for a walk up a hill and I really struggled. I was also taking medication for a heart condition and decided enough was enough.

As a grandmother, I also want to be able to run around with my grandchildren and make the most of every minute with them. My smoking was getting in the way of that happening.

It took me a number of tries before I called Quitline and asked for help and it made all the difference. No matter how many times it takes, it’s important to not to give up. I’m now happier and healthier and have more energy to play with my grandkids. If I can do it after 50 years, anyone can!”


Are you starting to feel the health  consequences of smoking?
There’s no better time than now to make the phone call that can help you quit and let your body start repairing.
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