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If you’re feeling like you want to smoke again, take a moment to remember why you chose to quit in the first place.

  • Was it because you were noticing the impact on your health, or were scared for your future health?
  • Was it because you were realising how much smoking was costing you?
  • Was it because you wanted to be a better role model for your family?

Keep that reason front of mind. It might help to write it down or carry a photo or object that keeps you focused on what’s important to you.


Some other helpful ways to maintain your motivation include:

  • Rewarding yourself

It can be easy to think about quitting smoking as having something taken away from your life. Instead, focus on what it has added by occasionally spending some of the money you have saved on something just for you, like a special meal or some flowers.

  • Requesting call-back support

A good way to help you stay accountable is by requesting call-back support. You can ask for a Quitline counsellor to call you at regular intervals to check in and see how you’re going. This can be a good reminder to keep using the strategies you find useful, or to voice any concerns you have as you go.

  • Downloading the My QuitBuddy app

My QuitBuddy is an app that can help you to take charge of quitting. With stats to track your progress, use it as a daily reminder of your achievement.